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Shanghai Baodao Resort
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  Shanghai Baodao Resort presentation
Shanghai Baodao Resort is situated on Chongming Island, the 3rd largest island of China. Opposite to the National Dongping Forest Park, the hotel is enveloped in a quiet and peaceful surroudings.

Baodao Resort provides comprehensive services including catering, accommodation, conference, shopping and entertainment, which is the largest-scale hotel in Chongming area.
  Shanghai Baodao Resort Address
Dongping National Forest Park, Chongming, Shanghai
  Shanghai Baodao Resort Zone
  Shanghai Baodao Resort traffic
Opposite to Dongping National Forest Park
  Shanghai Baodao Resort Server
◇ Bite and sup:Chinese restaurant
Price for breakfast: Buffet ¥20.
◇ Synod establishment:Conference rooms,
◇ Lounge:Nightclub, Ballroom, Vedio room, Bowling alleys, Table tennis, Tennis court, Basketball field, Billiards room, Indoo swimming pool, Suana, Chess room, Game room, Gym, Fishing, Football field, Beauty salon, Shopping area
◇ Server establishment: Shopping area
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